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Community Development Corporations Service Package

Exico, Inc. (Exico) has a solid track record of technical expertise, integrity and effectiveness in addressing economic development issues for non-profits and Community Development Corporations (CDCs).  These are the main reasons that clients choose us over other economic development consultants.

Originally founded as a small business consulting firm specializing in providing management and technical assistance to small businesses, Exico has grown to be a management solutions provider to not only small businesses but also large developers, public agencies and non-profit organizations.  Developing tailor made attractive financing options for non-profits has become a hallmark of our economic development engagements.

Exico’s management consulting practice is versatile and general purpose in orientation with a scope of services extending into major areas of management as well as the administrative, operational parameters of government, non-profit organizations and Community Development Corporations.

Exico has developed a package of services that are specifically tailored to address the economic development needs of CDCs. 

These services include the following:

  •  Strategic Planning Assistance:

Exico assists CDCs to develop strategic plans for their future development. An illustration of this service package is the assistance we provided to a CDC in northeastern Pennsylvania to develop a five year strategic plan.  The CDC was interested in launching an economic development program that would include a revolving loan program, a strategic marketing plan and a long range economic development strategy.

Exico conducted an economic overview of the CDC's service area; developed organizational options for the proposed activities; benchmarked best practices in small business lending and designed a revolving loan program for the CDC.  We also developed a long-range plan that included the construction of commercial and residential real estate holdings.

  • Entrepreneurial Training:

Exico conducted entrepreneurial training for several CDCs under the sponsorship of the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh (URA).  We conducted a series of seminars for entrepreneurs in an inner-city neighborhood that covered the following subjects:

  • Community Based Promotional and Marketing Techniques;
  • Cash Flow Management; and
  • Sources of Management and Technical Assistance for Minority Businesses.

We also conducted a series of training sessions for a CDC based in an upscale business district.  The topic of the main seminar was Signage and Window Displays.

  • Feasibility Study:

Exico conducted various feasibility studies for the development of housing and business improvement activities in several urban neighborhoods in the Pittsburgh area under the sponsorship of the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh.  In one neighborhood, we examined the feasibility of opening a supermarket to serve neighborhood residents. In another neighborhood, we examined the feasibility of establishing a mixed-use development that will have a business strip as well as a housing development.

  • Micro Enterprise Development:

We assisted a CDC to undertake a feasibility study that led to the launching of a highly successful micro-loan program. Exico also assisted three CDCs to provide entrepreneurial training and support to three peer groups involved in microloan activities.

Training provided included:

  • Starting and Managing a Small Business
  • Business Planning;
  • Accounting and Tax Requirements for Small Business
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Marketing Management.

Exico functioned as the Financial Consultant to the Pennsylvania Department of Community Development's Small Business Financing Office (SBFO), a capacity we held for approximately ten (10) years.  We are also a designated loan production office for a number of lenders.  We will leverage our direct experience in small business financing as well as our extensive network of contacts in the financing industry to create lasting partnerships with CDCs.

Due to our vast experience acquired by providing assistance in the creation of small businesses, many of which are based in urban communities, Exico has become a solid partner to CDCs that are seeking to revitalize the economies of the communities they serve.  We look forward to working with more CDCs for the economic empowerment of their communities.

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